Equipment & Capability
  • Casting
  • Welding
  • Heat Treatment
  • Surface treatment
  • Machining
  • R & D
  • Testing & Inspection

The company is also committed to the R&D of precision forging, warm extrusion, powder metallurgy processes and products. Its large-capacity coupler draft gears, ND5 major and articulated connecting rods and PM brake pad have been used widely in railway industry. The company operates a sophisticated electric screw press(Max. pressure 22000t),along with supportive equipment, such as hydraulic trimming press(Max pressure 2000 tons ),normalizing line for brake disc, multi-purpose furnace production line, continuous heating furnace for aluminum alloy, vertical quenching furnace for aluminum alloy, aluminum aging furnace, high temperature chamber furnace, tempering furnace and so on.

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