Lean Production Solidly Start

Source: DateTime:2012-05-31

At 10:30 AM, May 31 and in North sixth-floor conference room, with background music of "the world football top 10 goals”, the starting meeting for Lean Production was held with passion.

The starting meeting was presided over by Ms.Wang Yan, the manufacture of Vice Director of Manufacture Dept.. DLRI President Mr. Ma Zhan, Vice-president Mr. Li Hongfeng, Vice-president Mr. An Pangxian, President assistant and Chief Quality Manager Mr, Yu Mingdong attended the meeting. The attending honored guests were Dr. Hu Xinsheng, consultant team leader in Balance consulting Company, consultant Mr. Gong Shi Yi and Mr. Jin Changyuan. The department directors and staff representatives also attended the meeting.

Vice-president Mr. Li Hongfeng introduced the organization and leadership, target and way of work etc., followed by Dr. Hu Xinsheng, Balance consulting Company with addressing project planning. At last, DLRI President made an important speech.

Lean Production is the recognized operation mode around the world to reduce cost, and made high quality products and is the only way for Chinese enterprises which are facing global competition! The promotion of Lean Production projects in the solution of problems our company faced in development as the way of management and manufacturing management, etc.

The start meeting marked that the Lean Production Project are in full swing, showing our company’s commitment to the implementation of Lean Production management mode. And the promote of Lean Production is to create a unique management mode of operation in DLRI, and to build our company into the CNR's Lean Production benchmark enterprises, working hard to achieve the Grand Goals of Billions in Hundred Years.


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