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Founded in 1922 in Dalian, a beautiful seaside city in China, Dalian Locomotive Research Institute has developed to be a professional organization with railway transport power equipment research and development, design and manufacture and sci-tech information service. In Oct, 2000, DLRI was successfully transformed into a sci-tech enterprise, which covers 4,8100m2in area, and owns more than 500 employees, more than 50% are engaged in technical field.

DLRI has engaged in research, development, design and manufacture of locomotives, light rail vehicles, running parts, diesel engine components, turbochargers, on-board microcomputer control system, transmission system, hydraulic machinery and heat transfer as well as special experimental devices. In a number of technical fields, DLRI is in the leading position and enjoys the high prestige within the nation. DLRI has established 4 backbone industries, diesel component, electronic parts, heatexchanger and transmission devices, and 6 products development platform for turbocharger, piston, heatexchanger, hydraulic transmission,electronic control and city tram.

DLRI’s business principle is ”to pursue survival on reputation, and development on innovation.” DLRI is committed to provide the customers with high quality products and first class services, and make contribution to the development of the railways industry.

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