Products & Services
  • Traction and control integration products
    • Traction and Drive Control Simulation Experimenta
      • High Power Control Experimental Platform
      • Network Control Experimental Platform
      • Medium Small Power Control Experimental Platform
    • Traction Drive System for Maglev Trains
  • Network Control Products
    • Network Control System for Rail Vehicles
      • TCN Network Control System
    • Network Control Unit Products
      • CANopen Network Products
        • CANopen network card
      • TCN Network Products
        • Digital signal Input module
        • Digital signal Output module
        • Analog signal Input module
        • GPRS Unit
        • Power Supply Module
        • MVB Repeaters
        • CC-GW1234 Gateway
        • CC-GW123 Gateway
        • CC-GW13 Gateway
        • CC-GWA1 Gateway
        • CC-GW1002 Control Unit
        • Digital signal Input Board
        • Power Supply Board
        • MVB to 485 Network Card
        • MVB to 232 Network Card
        • MVB to GPRS Network Card
        • MVB to PC104 Network Card
        • MVB to HDLC Network Card
        • Double CPU Board
        • safety relay board
      • WorldFIP Network Products
      • Wireless Network Control System
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